I know you can skip a quest by using CompleteQuest but that doesn't work for me. It will go away from my quest tab but still be on the map, and I can't continue.

Is there another way to skip a quest?


Well, this is over a year late, but you can skip it via entering...

setstage mq103 190

That should skip it without fail. you may have to wait a bit for the whole watchtower dragon incident to start, but it otherwise works without a hitch.


You can run this command:

setstage [quest ID] [stage #]

You can find quest IDs and stage numbers here at UESP.

Usually, stage 200 is the end of a quest; so can just write setstage [quest ID] 200 to mark a quest as completed.

  • thanks for the help, but still, I tried the quest Bleak falls barrow and it still doesnt work, I even gave myself the dragonstone, what should I do? – genad Nov 22 '15 at 14:31

For the Bleak Falls Barrow quest:

setstage MQ103 10
setstage MQ103 50
setstage MQ103 180
setstage MQ103 190

Put that in commands. If that doesn't work perhaps the Golden Claw quest is interfering. There is no '200' for Bleak Falls Barrow.

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