I am trying to get the Krytan Explorer achievement in Guild Wars 2 but I am stuck in the Brigantine Isles. Looking at the list of areas to explore for the achievement, I see that there are two entries for Brigantine Isles:

enter image description here

I don't understand where the second one in the list would be. Looking at my map, I don't see any areas I might have obviously missed:

enter image description here

I have also tried swimming around the area to make sure I didn't forget any underwater area. So, where is this second Gendarran Fields: Brigantine Isles area?

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I cannot find an official word on this, but did find several reddit threads where players have run into the same issue. The general consensus seems to be that this is a display bug in the achievement window, and the achievement should still be awarded so long as you've gotten everything else and completely unfogged the map.

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