I'm trying to use command blocks to spawn a Grinder mob once at a certain spot whenever the player's "Grinders" score is equal to the set ammount. Eg. 1. I'm using this command (With differences for each amount and position):

execute @p[score_Grinders=20] ~ ~ ~ setblock 17 5 22 redstone_block

The setblock sets a block of redstone above a set of command blocks that spawn the Grinder, and those work. However, even when the Grinders score is not met, it places the block, and I can't delete it without first disabling the command block. When inspecting the command block it says it can't execute the command as the player. Please help!


score_NAME is the maximum score, not exact score (so 20 or lower), while score_NAME_min is minimum. If you want an exact score, you must include both minimum and maximum:

/execute @p[score_Grinders_min=20,score_Grinders=20] ~ ~ ~ setblock 17 5 22 redstone_block

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