I was just taking care of my vault and out of the corner of my eye it looked like someone was standing in the back of the storage room once I saw him he disappeared and then this weird music started to play like dun dun daaaaaa I waited for awhile and I herd that music again but I didn't see it in time. Who is this figure?


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I think this may what you're looking for:

What is the mysterious stranger doing in my vault?

The question here doesn't mention any ghost-like features, but you seem to both mention a sound cue, which is also mentioned in that question.

EDIT: I just realized that Lex asked about this under your post, but I hope this helped :P

  • While you are correct, it is for the same reason that this question will likely be closed as a duplicate. For questions that are duplicates, it is best not to post another answer, as this just makes clean up more troublesome.
    – user106385
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