I've started putting my companions in Power Armor ever since I noticed that they don't use Fusion Cores, and I find it to be a very useful strategy. However, I always wince whenever Preston decides a tactical charge is the best move because he's in X-01 armor and his foolishness costs me a half dozen pieces of precious aluminum.

I remember from earlier in the game that there are suits, or at least pieces of suits, that don't require aluminum to fix. What's the best suit made out of these?

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The best combination that requires no aluminum would be a T-45 torso and T-51 helmet, legs and arms. Then the repair cost would be only 5 steel for each of the arms, legs and head with 7 steel and 1 Circuitry for the torso. The result being 32 steel and 1 Circuitry to repair everything.

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