I'm trying to complete all the stunt jumps in GTA 5 Online (I assume they are the exact same jumps as in the single player). I have about 8 left to go, and I'm wondering: are there any stunt jumps that are in the water, that would require a water vehicle to complete the jump?

There have been several jumps NEAR water, or that require jumping across water.

A quick Google search didn't reveal much more than pages and videos listing every jump. I'm not interested in spoiling their location and would rather not risk trawling through a page to find. Are there any stunt jumps that require a water vehicle to complete?

Although I'd rather not know their location, I understand a simple "yes/no" question wouldn't be the best answer. It is fine to link to any resources that will back your answer up, and if you wish to quote a resource or put the location of a jump (if any) prefer the spoiler tags

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I have successfully completed all stunt jumps in the game and received the Show Off achievement, and there are no stunt jumps in the water; that is, there are no stunt jumps that require a water vehicle to complete.

There are several stunt jumps that jump over water, but all jumps require a land vehicle to complete.

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