I really like to play as Gaige, but sometimes, deathtrap seems to be confused, who he is using his skills on. I see him boosting the shields of enemies or attacking me and my friends with the red laser or the blue shock thing. Is this intended (as deathtrap is not a commercial robot, but rather a "hobby-project" and thus incomplete) or a glitch?

Its just really annoying, when you are in fight for your life mode, and you have a quite low enemy in front of you, ready to die, but dt comes in and boosts his shields, so you die...

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It was a glitch, but it was fixed on patch v1.3.1 (9th January '13) :

"Deathtrap can no longer restore an enemy's shields, even though it was hilarious."

You are probably confusing the shield healing with his electrical beam attack which look the same.

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