I'm trying to design some redstone puzzles that require unconventional solutions.

Is there a way to generate a redstone signal that does not rely on any redstone power components? Two years ago I swore I saw a video of someone generating a redstone signal using a block update. Is this possible?

  • Unless you count redstone ore blocks, no. You could use a block update to power a piston (BUD switch), but you need a piston for that. – rivermont - Will B. Dec 9 '15 at 2:47

Comparators put against any container will output a signal at a strength equal to the percentage filled the container is - one notable combo is to use a cauldron filled with water, which is also able to move, and produces a signal with a strength of 15 when placed behind a comparator.

In terms of block updates, you could probably modify the normal BUD that uses a redstone block to instead use a cauldron-comparator combo, but it won't be particularly space efficient.

I've added some pictures of a proof of concept below. It basically takes the one wide tileable design from this page and replaces the redstone blocks and the redstone torch with filled cauldrons.

No-Power BUD Side 1

No-Power BUD Side 2

No-Power BUD Top

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