I want to know how to complete the fourth maze in the garden of the Parfum Palace in Pokemon Y. I know how to complete the first three mazes in the garden but the fourth one is a mystery.

Could anyone please tell me how to solve the fourth maze?

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From Cherrygrove on psypoke forums:

the fourth maze

Refer to the image above.

At the start of the puzzle, Furfrou will be in Square 2. Ask Shauna to wait in Square 1. Next, take the red path from Square 1 to Square 2. Furfrou will run to Square 3. Take Shauna to Square 2 and ask her to wait there. Finally, take the Blue path from Square 2 to Square 3 and Furfrou will be trapped.

I hope this helps.

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  • @Timelord64 There's only one 'mansion' (like the OP originally called it) where there are 4 mazes and you have to solve it by cornering a Furfrou. The first mazes are relatively straightfroward, while the 4th requires moving an element into the maze (Shauna) to reach the goal. There are no other places in the game involving both a mansion and 4 mazes. I really don't know what I could edit in the question to make it clearer than it already is.
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