When watching some gameplay videos, I noticed that a green/purple glow will occasionally pass over the player's weapon.

What is this? I don't remember any special weapons with a glow effect, just unusual weapons from Gun Mettle. It doesn't happen on my weapons, so is it a special item?

  • +1, happens on my items too, they aren't special items. I wonder why though. – Ave Dec 16 '15 at 17:53
  • Can you link the videos? It sounds like a killstreak effect, especially if it's the same every time at a regular interval. – Ohnana Dec 16 '15 at 17:59

The glow effect is known as a sheen, and is visible on weapons which have had a Specialized Killstreak Kit applied to them.

From the wiki (Two Cities link also added for context/further reading):

The next tier of Killstreak Kits. In addition to a kill counter, a Specialized Kit also applies a colored sheen to the weapon. As the player's streak increases, the sheen becomes more intense. Specialized Kits are obtained by completing Specialized Killstreak Kit Fabricators, which can be found as a random reward from completing Operation Two Cities.

The following sheen colors are available:

  • Team Shine (red or blue, matching the player's team)
  • Hot Rod (pink)
  • Manndarin (orange)
  • Deadly Daffodil (yellow)
  • Mean Green (yellowish-green)
  • Agonizing Emerald (blueish-green)
  • Villainous Violet (purple)

Professional kits also include the sheen (and the kill counter from any kind of kit) along with a special effect placed on the character model's eyes.

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