In my case, I want to replace the current models and textures for only armor items, so that I could make my character look cooler. Note that I am aware that appearance mods for online games (if allowed) would be displayed only for people who installs this kind of thing.

Thing is, I've been searching and all I found are appareantly web docs displaying "mods" (I believe those are more like stats tables), and not the actual type of mod I am looking for (texture/model replacements to inject).

Does the game allow to replace models and textures?


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While it is technically possible to do what you are asking, it is worth mentioning that doing so violates the game's Terms of Use and could result in banning:

  1. Restrictions: Under no circumstances, without the prior written approval of Grinding Gear Games, may you:


(b) Modify or adapt (including through third parties and third party tools) the game client or its data, other than in the normal course of POE gameplay as permitted in accordance with the Licence.


Yes, but only to a limited degree.

Among the microtransactions (MTX) available in the in-game shop are a variety of item effects and skins which you can apply to your items and skills. These modifications will be visible to all players who see you in game.

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