2007wiki provides the following comparison of Oldschool RuneScape Mining experience rates for iron powermining at various levels, assuming a dragon pickaxe is used:

Level | Iron exp/h (dragon pickaxe)
61      49,350
75      52,290
85      52,290
99      52,290

2007wiki mentions that a dragon pick is "15% faster" than a rune pick.

In the case of iron ore, where the XP rate hits a cap at a certain level, does the dragon pickaxe's 15% advantage affect:

  • A: the value of the capped exp rate, or
  • B: just the level at which one reaches this rate?

If A is true, the exp per hour vs level relationship for mining iron with rune pickaxe would look something like:

Level | Dragon exp/h | Rune exp/h
61      49,350         42,900
75      52,290         45,400
85      52,290         45,400
99      52,290         45,400

with dragon pickaxe exp rates always 15% higher than rune.

If B is true, the exp-level relationship for rune pickaxe would instead be something like:

Level | Dragon exp/h | Rune exp/h
61      49,350         42,900
75      52,290         45,400
85      52,290         48,000
99      52,290         52,290

with dragon pickaxe exp rates 15% higher until reaching a cap, then rune gradually catching up to the cap.

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Yes mining would be slower with a rune pick opposed to dragon.

Every pickaxe level comes with a 15% efficiency increase. So by using a rune pickaxe you will be mining at a constant rate 15% lower than if you were to mine with a dragon pickaxe. This would effect your experience rate drastically over a long period of time.

  • So mining iron until 85 should be the best way to train. After 85 it's most efficient to mine granite to 99.
    – Austin0498
    Commented Dec 17, 2015 at 3:56
  • So the exp rate from iron would cap out at 52290/1.15 = 45.5K per hour with a rune pickaxe, even at level 99? Commented Dec 30, 2015 at 0:47

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