I have a question what would be the best combos for a dweller to go to the waste land?

Like maybe endurance and luck or endurance luck and strength or should every thing should be high when a dweller is exploring the wasteland?


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If you have a dweller that has maxed out everything, that would work BEST. On the other hand, according to what I've observed, Dwellers having higher Strength values decrease chances of losing when engaged in fights. Perception helps increase chances finding abandoned places. These abandoned places grant high rewards which are affected by Luck. Endurance obviously contributes to health, a maxed out endurance value will leave you immune to radiation damage. Charisma helps increase chances in meeting or befriending people or slaves out there in the wastes. The chances to heal or help these slaves/people are affected by Intelligence --which grants high rewards as well, from Caps to Equipments, affected by Luck. I think Agility helps decrease getting damaged, together with Strength and Endurance with Rad-aways and Stimpacks will help you last longer on the wastes. Luck basically increase chances in getting a lot of items or rare/r equipments on the field. Lastly, every stat is important for it what makes a dweller, SPECIAL. But in case you haven't maxed out your stats, I had it broken down. So choose your character builds wisely ;)

  • You need 11 Endurance for radiation immunity. 10 is fairly high resistance, but it'll still accumulate enough after couple days.
    – Nelson
    Commented Dec 17, 2015 at 11:21

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