I just installed the Xbox 360 backwards compatible DE:HR game on my Xbox One after today's update which contained the game.

It installed fine and I could also installed my "Explosive Mission Pack" DLC. Since it didn't offer to install "Missing Link" I went to check my Microsoft account but it showed up as purchased, so I remembered right having purchased it previously.

Where or how can I install download the Missing Link for Xbox One?

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According to Major Nelson's January Games with Gold post, The Missing Link DLC isn't playable on Xbox One yet:

NOTE: Deus Ex: Human Revolution is available to download, free to all Gold members, starting January 16th and is playable on Xbox One. However, Deus Ex’s DLC “The Missing Link” can only be played on Xbox 360. We are working hard to make this content available on Xbox One in the near future.


According to a post in the TrueAchievements forum from Feb 14th 2016 the DLC is now available for Xbox One which I have just verified by downloading it myself.

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