I'm on the quest The End of Salvarola and am attempting to go up the elevator to the throne room. I was grouped with a friend who got the message in the title while I was able to enter (see this related forum post), so we split up which kicked me out of the instance. I re-entered but the quest was messed up (the NPCs were acting like they were on the first step, but I was on the second) so I left the instance again and reset the quest. Now when I try to enter (still solo) I'm constantly getting the same error message that my groupmate originally did. How can I fix this?

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Changing the phase difficulty setting (from the right-click menu on my portrait) reset the instance, and I was then allowed to re-enter. Presumably waiting an hour or however long the rate limiter deemed I needed to wait would also have worked, but that's incredibly annoying.

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