I'd like to find games of a particular genre (for the purpose, Hidden Objects) that are in a specific language (for the purpose, spanish), or, if not the audio, the text is.

Is there any way to make that kind of search?

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Yes there are advanced search options:

  1. Go to Search the Store by clicking on the loupe icon:

search the store

  1. In this windows you have several bars on the right side, where you have following search options:

    • Narrow by tag: Action, Indie, ..., and search for more tags
    • Show selected types: Games, DLC, ...
    • Narrow by number of players: Single-Player, Multi-Player, ...
    • Narrow by feature: Steam Achievements, Controller Support, ...
    • Narrow by OS: Windows, Mac OS X, SteamOS + Linux
    • Narrow by language: English, Bulgarian, ...

The options you have searched for look like this:

Tag search:

tag search

Language search:

language search

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