I've been wanting to shiny hunt for so long now (especially for a Zorua) and just got my last gym badge. I found Zorua in the wild and am currently attempting to shiny hunt them.

I've had pretty high chains yet no shiny. Do I have to have beat the Elite Four and Champion at least once before I can shiny hunt?

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There are no evidence that shiny hunting requires you to beat the Elite Four.

According to this Reddit:

These are just some tips from my own experience on how to chain and get yourself a shiny. This is just what I've learned by catching a few shinies myself using this method.

What will help:

  • A pokemon with Sweet Scent move (to rapidly increase your search level for that pokemon)
  • A high search level
  • A large patch of grass (if this is where you'll be doing your chaining)

The only thing that can actually increase the chance of finding a shiny is having the Shiny Charm, which you can get from Professor Birch after obtaining all Pokémon in the National Pokédex.

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