I had some cars in Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2 and recently in Forza 6 where I downloaded a design for a car but it would not be permanent.

In Horizon 2 I remember selecting a design that would apply on the car but not to the thumbnail. I could drive races and championships with the design but when I switch for another car and back the design would be gone.

In Forza 5 I remember that I downloaded designs for several cars successfully, leaving the game and shutting down the console, on next launch some designs were missing. I tried it several times with one car, it was reproducible.

In Forza 6 it's a bit different (to Horizon, since there is no open world mode) and the design will not apply to the car at all.

In all of these cases I can find designs for all the other cars in the my designs menu, but not for these cars.

  • Is there a solution?
  • Which cars are affected?

Which cars are affected: In almost all cases these cars already have designs applied to them.

Solution: I found this tip in the forums, go to the menu where you can paint your car, either remove the design if there is an option or pick a new color for the car which will remove a locked design (a design that is not your own), then try to download and apply a design again.

I just tried it with the 2011 Ford Transit SuperSportVan that I received with a green design in Forza 6 and it worked.

I wanted to make a screenshot when this happens again, but currently in Forza 6 it doesn't seem to be possible to capture the car and the thumbnail showing the different designs in one still frame. Here is a recording:

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