In Old School RuneScape's Observatory Quest, the reward you get depends on the constellation you observe through the telescope during the quest. Unfortunately, the first couple quest guides I found don't have a complete list, so I can't tell if I'll get unwanted experience from the reward.

Is there a complete list of the constellation-specific rewards for Observatory Quest?

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Yes, such a list does exist. I found a complete list in this quest guide from March 2010 (no affiliation). It took some looking, as guides for the quest on most of the standard Old School help sites, such as 2007wiki and Zybez's 2007rshelp, do not contain such a list.

Here's the list:

Aquarius: 25 Water runes
Aries: 875 Attack XP
Cancer: Amulet of protection
Capricorn: 875 Strength XP
Gemini: Black 2-handed sword and uncut sapphire
Leo: 875 Constituion [Hitpoints] XP
Libra: 3 Law runes
Pisces: 3 Cooked tunas and uncut sapphire
Sagittarius: Maple longbow
Scorpio: Weapon poison
Taurus: Super strength potion
Virgo: 875 Defence XP and uncut sapphire

Happy questing!

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