Upon character creation in Spiral Knights, you pick a design and a color.

Are these attributes forever immutable, or does there exist an in-game way to change either option (short of creating a new character entirely)?

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You may now change your knight's personal color by shopping from Vatel in the Haven Bazaar.

They cost 50,000 crowns each. (Can you say crownsink! \o/ )


There is no way to change your design or color (yet). Hopefully there'll be a way to do so in future updates.

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    For the design keep in mind that you can always set a 'costume' armor different from your actual armor. That is, you can choose to appear wearing your 0 stars spiral sallet of your choice while actually having a 5 stars unusual hat pillar of doom.
    – badp
    Jun 23, 2011 at 8:47

Yes, you can do it in the begging of spiral knights or you spend 50,000 crowns on the color of your body in heathen bazaar.

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