I currently only have 3 storage probes at the end of chapter 5. My miranium ticks for about 14k but my storage is only 17k. Where can I get more storage probes?


Here are the locations of every storage probe in the game:

Storage Probes:

  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 11
  • Kirsty quests (x3)
  • Sylvalum : In a cave, north east of Spot 401
  • Cauldros : On the edge, south segment under spot 514
  • Complete Collectapedia of (blue crystal like) items in Cauldros

To get the Ares-90 (a strong post-game Skell) you only need 100k storage, which does not require all the storage probes. I'm mentioning this just so nobody feels compelled to grind out the Cauldros Collectapedia. It can be done as follows:enter image description here

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