Occasionally I find myself running out of Lamplighter's Beeswax in Fallen London. It happened recently, and I didn't remember a good source for more. What are good places to look for it?


If you are A Person of Some Importance, the most efficient source is via 'A lovely thought' in Ladybones Road, Unfinished Business. If you're at sea, you'll pick some up as you explore Bullbone Island.

Of course, you can just buy it from the Bazaar.


The easiest to access is probably "The Chandleress's Complaint - Light a Candle and Wait." In the Department of Menace on Watchmaker's Hill.

Here's a complete list, blatantly ripped from the Fallen London wiki:

'Oi! You stepped on my invisible rat!' A lovely thought Explore that mysterious hollow Have the Talkative Rat ask the Big Rat's guards Hire some help and strip the place bare Light a candle, and wait Loot the bodies Merrigans Exchange Sigh and sell off the ratskin suit Soft soles and a mask Something dark Trade jade for relics Wild bees

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