Is there any way to start Grounded Mode Plus without completing Grounded Mode first?

I really don't want to play the entire game twice in Grounded Mode. I heard that if you complete Normal Mode then you can play Grounded Mode Plus, but I'm not sure how this works...


After some research I came up with a answer:

  1. You will need to complete the main game on any difficulty;
  2. When you are at the Main Menu, choose the option at the top that should say Continue New Game Plus. (If you need too, load up a save for NG+ then quit out.) Start on PROLOGUE;
  3. At the end of the PROLOGUE, you will be with Tess, save and quit. Go back to the main menu;
  4. Now chapter select and pick PROLOGUE, but choose GROUNDED;
  5. You should now be on GROUNDED +.

    • To make sure you are on GROUNDED +. Hit Start > Options > Game and make sure it says "Grounded". Then go to Start > Load Game > and wait for the save file to pop up. It should say New Game Plus.
    • Another way to verify, is wait until you are with Tess and get your backpack and gun. Hit button Select and button R1 to see if you are upgraded.

Source: PSN Profiles

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