this is the error it gives me

My Minecraft server doesn't open anymore. The first 2 times it worked, but when I try to run it with a edited server properties file it won't open.

I already tried the .exe but that doesn't work either.

How can I make it run?

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This is the reason why your server isn't running:

[22:51:00] [Server thread/WARN]: **** FAILED TO BIND TO PORT!
[22:51:00] [Server thread/WARN]: The exception was: java.net.BindException: Cannot assign requested address: bind
[22:51:00] [Server thread/WARN]: Perhapes a server is already running on that port?

With that said, ensure you are not running another copy of the server on your computer, or a server (for anything) that uses the port 1000.

Here are some possible solutions:
Most likely, it's #1.

  • Try closing any other Minecraft servers that you may be running on Port 1000.
    Perhaps try killing all Java instances by running (Win + R): taskkill /f /im javaw.exe and then restart your server.
  • You may be accessing your computer using Cybergate RAT (Remote Access Terminal).
    Try using Remote Desktop Connection mstsc instead, as you are using Windows 7/Vista.
  • Check for any other programs using Port 1000 and close them.

As aytimothy said, the port your minecraft server tries to run on is already used by another process (which may be another instance of the server or a different program). If you changed your minecraft port by accident, open your server.properties file, change server-port=1000 to server-port=25565 (which is the standard minecraft port) and restart your server.

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