As a sniper/spy main, it is important to know your surroundings whether it is to avoid backstabs or create opportunities for them. But an opaque weapon (along with hands during reloads) in your bottom right corner isn't exactly helping.

Why not just turn off your viewmodel? It feels empty to shoot using a weapon that you're not (visibly) holding. In some cases, it makes it harder to aim as well (e.g. projectile weapons).

I've seen a few YouTubers (e.g. MrPaladin) using transparent viewmodels. But none of them show how it's done.

Does anyone know how to set a transparent viewmodel?


MrPaladin (and others) are using ToonHUD: a customizable HUD for Team Fortress 2. It comes with an easy configuration tool (below), of which one option that you can enable/disable is transparent viewmodels.

ToonHUD's config screen

You can also see MrPaladin's video where he goes through his config here:


Woolen Sleevelet has made a short and precise video on it:

(you are required to download a few files and access some tf2 folders)

  • Sidenote: You will not be VAC banned nor game banned, but some servers might not allow you to join it.
    – ave
    Jan 5 '16 at 18:03
  • Will transparent viewmodels still work on sv_pure 1 servers?
    – unbindall
    Jan 17 '16 at 19:51
  • I believe it will work, although i only have my dusty knowledge as a source
    – Meta
    Jan 17 '16 at 19:57

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