I'm trying to make an entity execute a scoreboard operation in minecraft 1.9, the entity should set the score of another entity to it selfs score.

Setting up testing environment:

/summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"setter"}
/summon ArmorStand ~ ~ ~ {CustomName:"getter"}
/scoreboard objectives add test dummy
/scoreboard players set @e[name=setter] test 111

As you can see, @e[c=1] executed by setter should select himself (this is true for every entity):

/execute @e[name=setter] ~ ~ ~ say my name is @e[c=1]
[setter] my name is setter

But when using the selector in an scoreboard operation this doesn't work:

/execute @e[name=setter] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players operation @e[name=getter] test = @e[c=1] test
No test score for MY-MINECRAFT-NAME found
Failed to execute ...

In the scoreboard operation e[c=1] seems to target me (MY-MINECRAFT-NAME).

Is there any way to achive what I'm trying to do? And why doesn't this work for scoreboard operations?

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While c=1 does create a sender bias, it also has the potential to create a "player" bias, which will attempt to target players first before targeting non-player entities. A player bias is dependent on the command/feature. The only cases where a player bias occurs is with /scoreboard commands (not counting /scoreboard teams join ... or /scoreboard players tag ...) and stored CommandStats.

The solution is to prevent targeting players, such as either with the type=!Player parameter:

/execute @e[name=setter] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players operation @e[name=getter] test = @e[type=!Player,c=1] test

Or targeting the specific type of entity with @e[type=ArmorStand]:

/execute @e[name=setter] ~ ~ ~ scoreboard players operation @e[name=getter] test = @e[type=ArmorStand,c=1] test

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