Is there any reason I should struggle to complete a camp 100% before conquering it?

Because sometimes it's more time saving to explore some parts of the camp after you conquered it for some of them are huge.


No. Well, not really.

Any of the collectibles/scrap will always be available to collect after the camp has been conquered. The only reason I would think that you might want to try to 100% it before actually finishing is that you might run into some weapons/explosives on the way that will help you take out some enemies... Other than that, there is no real benefit to struggling to get the 100% if you can just do it afterwards anyway.

  • I always hated having to go through that completion menu twice though, once after beating the main objective, and then a second time when i pick up that one piece of scrap or destroy that one insignia I missed.
    – Ryan
    Feb 6 '17 at 18:00

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