I am working on a Minecraft Map where whenever you kill another player your sword upgrades. I have tried doing /scoreboard players add @a[score_Kills=1] Kills 1 and /give @a[score_Kills=1] 283 but it gives the player a kill and an upgraded sword. How do I fix this?

  • Read the wiki entries about the Scoreboard. No need to add 1 to Kills every time. 283 is also the Gold Sword and IDs are not recommended to be used. – GiantTree Jan 10 '16 at 12:10

First did you add the objective? Second if you are in 1.7.10+ you should not be using numbered id's as they are no longer used. make sure that these are activated in order. I recommend chain and repeat command blocks if using 1.9 if not use a fill clock. Try this:

/scoreboard objectives add Kills playerKillCount

this is the Kill Count

/scoreboard objectives add Level dummy

this is the level of sword levels of sword work like this: wood (level: 1, starting sword), gold, stone, iron, diamond

/give @a[score_Kills_min=1,score_level_min=1] minecraft:stone_sword
/scoreboard players add @a[score_Kills_min=1] level 1
/scoreboard players set @a[score_Kills_min=1] Kills 0

This process would repeat for every level

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