According to the EU4 wiki I should expect the following National ideas:

enter image description here

But when I loaded up the game I found the following:

enter image description here

I understand that I should have the seven going from "Pax Romana" till "Imperium Sine Fine", but apparently I got the ideas of Bali.

Also, wiki states that:

If the average technological advances in the entire realm passes a certain point, the Empire's technology group will be Western instead of Eastern after transfer to EU4.

and I was quite surprised to find out that I was in the Muslim group:

enter image description here

Has the above ever happened to anyone else? What are the conditions that made this happen?

The following disclaimers apply:

  • it was not an ironman game
  • it was actually quite an heavy-console game played for fun and giggles (the roman empire controls all the available world in CK2 by year 1000, everyone is orthodox and italian, all provinces have maxed tech)
  • I converted before the endgame date
  • I converted before most of the territories got included as de-jure

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After much searching around, I finally found a (partial) answer:

The empire was assigned the tag Z00 instead of the standard ROM, by reassigning the ideas in the "!_roman_ideas.txt" file to the Z00 tag (as suggested on the paradox forums) solved the issue.

I still do not get why this tag problem, but I suspect it has to do with me renaming the empire to "Imperium Romanun" at the beginning.

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