So far my team is made up of the following Pokemon:



I am wondering if I add Bronzor, would it help with my special attack? If so, would it work with my current team? (I'm headed to the town of the third gym.)

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In short; not really*

Bronzor's base stats for it's special attack is 24. That's in the bottom 20 of all pokemon (It's attack is similarly low, however). Most builds tend to focus on bolstering the defenses so that it can take more hits. Also teaching it Reflect and Light Screen to make it (and any Pokemon you might switch in) even more durable.

Once it evolves into Bonzong at lvl33 it becomes considerably more competent as an attacker, But the base stats for Attack are higher than Special attack by 10, and most builds for Bronzong reflect this.

Also, you may want to keep in mind typing. You are headed into the third gym, which means ghost type Pokemon. Bronzor/Bronzong are Steel/Psychic, it will take regular (1x) damage from Ghost type attacks (Psychic is weak to ghost, Steel is strong against ghost before gen6. The average out to neutral). Also the Bronzor will come with one of two abilities, Levitate or Heatproof. Levitate will make it immune to one of it's weaknesses (ground), while Heatproof will reduce another weakness (fire) to regular effectiveness. Levitate is generally considered better.

*But; the above ultimately doesn't matter too much.

All those builds, and consideration for movesets? That is largely for competitive player vs player battles. Sure, you can take those builds and strategies and apply them to the NPC battles along the journey, it may even help you win more efficiently. But the story allows you to abuse healing items, and to out-level your opponents.

If you want a Sp.Attack Bronzor/Bronzong - Go for it! EV train it for Sp.Attack and get it the best Special moves you can (through leveling up and TMs), have a few good status moves, like Toxic, or the previously mentioned reflect/lightscreen.

Typing is still important, however, so do be aware that your new Bronzor might not be as strong against the various ghosts of the 3rd gym as you might expect, as it's Psychic typing cancels out the resistance it would get from it's Steel type. On the flip side, the Steel typing means you are immune to any of the poison attacks they might use, and if you have any Psychic attacks, they will do 2x damage against many of the Ghosts as half of them are Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar, which are also Poison typed.

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    in gen 4, steel/psychic takes x1 from ghost attacks -- the steel nerf was at the start of gen 6 – Pyritie Jan 13 '16 at 13:50
  • @Pyritie Derp, I knew the type charts were different, but while confirming I missed ghost's 1/2 damage to steel (or maybe I was looking at the wrong chart). Thanks, I'll update this. – Trent Hawkins Jan 13 '16 at 14:16

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