Patch 2.4 added set dungeons, and the entrances to those dungeons are scattered all over the map. I found a bunch of video guides online on how to find all the dungeons but those are long and tedious - does anyone have a simple list, preferably with screenshots, of all the set dungeon entrances?

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From this forum post on diablofan.com by jhow4: (the original post also has a video guide)


  • Immortal King's Call - A3 Ruins of Sescheron: Walk northwest and just inside the ruins take a right turn.

  • Might of the Earth - A2 City of Caldeum: Take the WP and fight through the enemies towards Belial. To the right of the entry the dungeon will open.

  • Raekor's - A5 Overgrown Ruins: Walk to the right of the Survivor's Enclave and go out. Follow the path and just before a set of arches on the left the dungeon will open.
  • Wrath of the Wastes - A5 Pandemonium Fortress Level 1: Go to the waypoint and walk down and back. Make your way up the stairs and at the very top after a few flights will be the dungeon.


  • Akkhan's - A3 Bastion's Keep Stronghold: At the bottom right you will go down into The Armory. Inside here simply walk to the bottom of the Armory and here you will find it.

  • Invoker - A1 Tristram: Walk out of town towards Outlook Road, which is the path when you first start the game. Walk up the path and as you near the very beginning there will be a small nook at the bottom where you will find the dungeon.

  • Seeker of the Light - A2 Ancient Waterway: Take the Ancient Waterway WP and then enter the Waterlogged Passage. Walk all the way down and before the next exit it will be on the right.
  • Roland's Legacy - A2 Road to Alcarnus: Take the WP and follow the path to the left to where it's a dead end. At the very end of the path it will be at the end here.

Demon Hunter:

  • Marauder's - A3 Bridge of Korsikk: Take the Korsikk WP and work your way to the middle of the map. This is located where the large trebuchet is during the campaign where the short bridge hangs over the lava.
  • Natalya's Vengeance - A1 Wortham Chapel Cellar: Walk outside the cellar and directly outside will be the set dungeon.
  • Shadow's Mantle - A5 Pandemonium Fortress Level 3: This is a bit of a hike. Take the Pandemonium Fortress Level 2 WP and make your way all the way to the end of the map where you go to fight Malthael. Right inside of level 3 the dungeon will show up.
  • Unhallowed Eessence - A2 Howling Plateau: You can take the WP to the Howling Plateau or walk through the Caldeum Bazaar. If you take the Plateau then walk south through the canyon and before it hooks back to the left you will find it in the bottom right corner of the map.


  • Inna's Mantra - A2 Caldeum Bazaar: Take the portal from the Hidden Camp at the north to the Bazaar. Walk into town and take a left when you get inside where the Flooded Causeway.
  • Sunwuko - A4 Pinnacle of Heaven: Fight your way through the Silver Spire Level 2 to access the Pinnacle of Heaven. Before Diablo's entrance go to the left to find the dungeon.
  • Raiment of a Thousand Storms - A1 Old Ruins. Simply take the way point and walk northwest. Within just a few steps at the top the dungeon will show up.
  • Uliana's Strategem - A5 Zakarum Cathedral. Walk north in the Survivor's Enclave to the large cathedral at the top of the map. Walk inside and at the top left is where you will find it.

Witch Doctor:

  • Helltooth Harness - A1 The Royal Crypts: Fight your way through the crypts and just before you enter the room to fight Leoric you will find the dungeon just inside the caged area at the north end right beside the door.
  • Spirit of Arachyr - A2 Dahlgur Oasis: Probably the most difficult one, this will be at the left of the map. There is a small nook that will be the same every time. The video showcases what it looks like for reference.
  • Jade Harvester - A4 Vestibule of Light: Simply take the Gardens of Hope 1st tier WP and walk straight down. This will take you back to the Vestibule. Once you're there walk your way down the stairs and back to the beginning. At the far back right of the map you will find the dungeon.
  • Zunimassa's Haunt - A3 Core of Arreat: Take the Core WP and make your way up the map. Where the map turns to the right this will be on the far left in the corner.


  • Firebird's Finery - A2 Desolate Sands: To make this easy, simply take the Archives of Zultan Kulle WP and go backwards to the entrance. Here you will find the portal to the Desolate Sands. Make your way just across the bridge and at the top you will find the dungeon.
  • Delsere's - A3 Skycrown Battlements: Walk right outside of the Bastion's Keep Stronghold and take the portal to Skycrown. Make your way down the far right side of the map and in the back corner the dungeon will be there.
  • Vyr's - A3 Rakkis Crossing: This is at the very end of Rakkis Cross before you get to Siegebreaker. If you have an Aether Walker you will save yourself a lot of time to get to the end. Take the top left staircase to find the dungeon at the end.
  • Tal Rasha's - A1 Old Tristram Road: Simply take the Old Ruins WP and follow the path to the northeast. Take this path all the way around and when you are near the place on the left where there is a lower entry area and bodies are hanging you will find this in the bottom left of the map after making your way around.
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