While walking around the castle in Crow's Perch looking for interesting stuff, I found a hidden spot with a chest full of good stuff. After happily looting it, I turned to walk away, but scanned the area with my Senses just out of habit, and noticed this:

See this glowing stash? I really want to loot it as well, but for the life of me couldn't find a way.

I tried to:

  • Jump over the wall - no luck, it's not possible.
  • Break the wall with Aard - no effect.
  • Burn the wall with Igni - no effect.
  • Hit the wall with my fists - no effect.
  • Jump like crazy near the stash to get the "loot" icon - success, but being in mid-air, I couldn't activate it by pressing "X".

Any other ideas?

  • As far as i can see (and observed myself in the game), thats not a chest but a simple barrel. So theres no interesting stuff in it and its just a misplaced barrel.
    – Tyrmos
    Oct 24, 2016 at 21:19
  • @Tyrmos interesting, thanks. But you actually reached that barrel? Oct 24, 2016 at 22:26
  • Yes, after 10 minutes i got it, there was a bottle in it. I just walked against the wall on different positions and pressed E all the time, after a while i got it. By the way, should i answer that question or is my comment enough?
    – Tyrmos
    Oct 25, 2016 at 17:55
  • @Tyrmos answer would be better, thanks. Anyway, finished the game already, doubt it's worth getting back to it only for this. Thanks a bunch anyway, it might prove useful for others as well. Oct 25, 2016 at 20:40

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Thats just a misplaced barrel. After walking against the wall in different positions and angles, pressing E all the time i reached the barrel after some time, but there was just an empty bottle inside.

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