What are the crafting recipes available in Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys?

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Here is a full list:

Item Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
1. Morty Manipulator Chip Supercharged Battery Circuit Board Tin Can
2. Serum Battery Fleeb
3. Great Serum Battery Purified Fleeb
4. Sensational Serum Supercharged Battery Serum
5. Pure Serum Supercharged Battery Great Serum
6. Plutonic Rock Battery Bacteria Cell
7. Pure Plutonic Rock Battery Mutant Bacteria Cell
8. Halzinger Battery Fleeb Bacteria Cell
9. Pure Halzinger Battery Purified Fleeb Mutant Bacteria Cell
10. Level Up Mega Seed Attack Mega Seed Defense Mega Seed Speed Mega Seed
11. Battery Tin Can Cable Fleeb
12. Supercharged Battery Battery Turbulent Juice Tube
13. Microverse Battery Supercharged Battery Motherboard Dark Matter Ball
14. Purified Fleeb Fleeb Turbulent Juice Tube
15. Mutant Bacteria Cell Bacteria Cell Turbulent Juice Tube
16. Dark Energy Ball Fleeb Bacteria Cell
17. Dark Matter Ball Dark Energy Ball Turbulent Juice Tube
18. Motherboard Battery Circuit Board Cable
19. Dog Collar Cable Tin Can
20. Love Potion Purified Fleeb Mutant Bacteria Cell
21. Robot Supercharged Battery Motherboard
22. Butter Robot Robot Tin Can
23. Gwendolyn Doll Robot Love Potion
24. Time Crystal Purified Fleeb Dark Energy Ball
25. Time Stabilising Collar Time Crystal Dog Collar
26. Interdimensional Cable Box Supercharged Battery Motherboard Time Crystal
27. Neutrino Bomb Supercharged Battery Motherboard Dark Energy Ball
28. Interdimensional Goggles Supercharged Battery Time Crystal Tin Can
29. IQ Enhancing Helmet Supercharged Battery Motherboard Turbulent Tube Juice
30. Roy VR Headset Interdimensional Goggles IQ Enhancing Helmet

Here's a screenshot showing these recipes with images:



Try this for items:

Circuit Board
Tin Can
Bacteria Cell
Turbulent Juice Tube
Attack Mega Seed
Defense Mega Seed
Speed Mega Seed
Morty Manipulator Chip=Supercharged Battery+Circuit Board+Tin Can
Great Serum=Battery+Purified Fleeb
Sensational Serum=Supercharged Battery+Serum
Pure Serum=Supercharged Battery+Great Serum
Plutonic Rock=Battery+Bacteria Cell
Pure Plutonic Rock=Battery+Mutant Bacteria Cell
Halzinger=Battery+Fleeb+Bacteria Cell
Pure Halzinger=Battery+Purified Fleeb+Mutant Bacteria Cell
Level Up Mega Seed=Attack Mega Seed+Defense Mega Seed+Speed Mega Seed
Battery=Tin Can+Cable+Fleeb
Supercharged Battery=Battery+Turbulent Juice Tube
Microverse Battery=Supercharged Battery+Motherboard+Dark Matter Ball
Purified Fleeb=Fleeb+Turbulent Juice Tube
Mutant Bacteria Cell=Bacteria Cell+Turbulent Juice Tube
Dark Energy Ball=Fleeb+Bacteria Cell
Dark Matter Ball=Dark Energy Ball+Turbulent Juice Tube
Motherboard=Battery+Circuit Board+Cable
Dog Collar=Cable+Tin Can
Love Potion=Purified Fleeb+Mutant Bacteria Cell
Robot=Supercharged Battery+Motherboard
Butter Robot=Robot+Tin Can
Gwendolyn Doll=Robot+Love Potion
Time Crystal=Purified Fleeb+Dark Energy Ball
Time Stabilising Collar=Time Crystal+Dog Collar
Interdimensional Cable Box=Supercharged Battery+Motherboard+Time Crystal
Neutrino Bomb=Supercharged Battery+Motherboard+Dark Energy Ball
Interdimensional Goggles=Supercharged Battery+Time Crystal+Tin Can
IQ Enhancing Helmet=Supercharged Battery+Motherboard+Turbulent Tube Juice
Roy VR Headset=Interdimensional Goggles+IQ Enhancing Helmet

...And this for Mortys:

#001 Morty  N/A​​
#002 Scruffy Morty  Rock​
#003 Unkempt Morty  Rock
#004 Hobo Morty Rock
#005 Old Morty  Paper
#006 Geriatric Morty    Paper
#007 Ancient Morty  Paper
#008 Rabbit Morty   Scissors
#009 Evil Rabbit Morty  Scissors
#010 No Eye Morty   Paper
#011 One Eye Morty  Paper
#012 Three Eye Morty    Scissors
#013 Test X1 Morty  Paper
#014 Test X46 Morty Paper
#015 Test x72 Morty Paper
#016 Self Defense Morty Rock
#017 Karate Morty   Rock
#018 No Mercy Morty Rock
#019 Mustache Morty Scissors
#020 Beard Morty    Scissors
#021 Hipster Morty  Scissors
#022 Ad Space Morty Paper
#023 Jerry's Game Morty Paper
#024 Pocket Mortys Morty    Paper
#025 Blue Shirt Morty   Scissors
#026 Red Shirt Morty    Paper
#027 Orange Shirt Morty Paper
#028 Green Shirt Morty  Paper
#029 Purple Shirt Morty Paper
#030 Rainbow Shirt Morty    Paper
#031 Eco-Alpha Morty    Scissors
#032 Exo-Omega Morty    Scissors
#033 Exo-Prime Morty    Scissors
#034 Spoon Morty    Rock
#035 Fork Morty Rock
#036 Spork Morty    Rock
#037 Peace Morty    Paper
#038 Hippie Morty   Paper
#039 Off the Grid Morty Paper
#040 Big Head Morty Rock
#041 Giant Head Morty   Rock
#042 Colossal Head Morty    Rock
#043 Spooky Morty   Paper
#044 Ghostly Morty  Paper
#045 Phantom Morty  Paper
#046 Double Morty   Scissors
#047 Triple Morty   Scissors
#048 Multi Morty    Scissors
#049 Greaser Morty  Rock
#050 Biker Morty    Rock
#051 Stray Cat Morty    Scissors
#052 Two Cat Morty  Scissors
#053 Crazy Cat Morty    Scissors
#054 Buff Morty Rock
#055 Wrestler Morty Rock
#056 Veiny Morty    Scissors
#057 No Skin Morty  Scissors
#058 Skeleton Morty Rock
#059 Magic Morty    Rock
#060 Mystic Morty   Rock
#061 Wizard Morty   Rock
#062 Telepathic Morty   Scissors
#063 Telekinetic Morty  Scissors
#064 Psychokinetic Morty    Scissors
#065 Swimmer Morty  Rock
#066 Mermaid Morty  Rock
#067 Reverse Mermaid Morty  Rock
#068 Business Morty Paper
#069 Gaseous Morty  Rock
#070 Sausage Morty  Scissors
#071 Shadow Morty   Scissors
#072 Aqua Morty Paper
#073 Cyclops Morty  Scissors
#074 Mini Morty Rock
#075 Cowboy Morty   Paper
#076 Robot Morty    Scissors
#077 Hammerhead Morty   Rock
#078 Guard Morty    Scissors
#079 Cronenberg Morty   N/A
#080 Mascot Morty   Paper
#081 Egg Morty  Rock
#082 One True Morty Rock

And if you like that, try it in a modestly interactive excel workbook (mortybook version 1) - along with the items.

  • Thanks for this answer, but this looks like a list of Mortys and their types rather than a list of crafting recipes. Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 17:46
  • You were right! But no longer - I've added teh crafting recipes. Commented Jan 15, 2016 at 18:41
  • The latest update added 2 new recipes and also skips #10 for some reason (?) the new recipes create Paralyze Cure and Pure Curum, I don't know their ingredients... Yet.
    – ocodo
    Commented Apr 16, 2016 at 3:50

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