I realised from the image in What are the repercussions of letting Skinny Malone live? that it would have been useful to understand what Mama Murphy was muttering about when she got hepped up on funny pills.

Is there a transcript of her visions somewhere? (I guess I can probably find YouTube videos of the conversations, but I'd prefer to read them!)

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    FWIW, you can turn on captions in-game for NPC dialog and other audio. I know this doesn't help you with Mama Murphy's mumbling in retrospect, but it's worth doing for future dialog. I always do this for Bethesda games--not only because the audio is sometimes unavoidably indistinct, but also because there's a crap ton of dialog, and skimming subtitles lets me skip to the next step in a conversation way, way faster than waiting for someone to say the lines. (Sorry, voice actors.) Jan 14, 2016 at 19:30
  • @FeralChimp, yeah, I usually prefer the subtitles off, because I prefer not skimming through it and ignoring the voice actors, but when I give Mama Murphy a dose I'm going to turn them on.
    – boomstick
    Jan 14, 2016 at 19:58

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I performed a quick search for you; this is from the Fallout Wikia page for The Sight. There are numerous 'sights' listed, I am sure one of them is the one you were looking for.

Also, remember, the game is still new so I reckon this to be Spoilers!

  1. Diamond City holds answers, but they're locked tight. You ask them what they know, but people's hearts are chained up with fear and suspicion. But you find it. You find that heart that's gonna lead you to your boy. Oh, it's... it's bright. So bright against the dark alleys it walks. That's... that's what you need to do, kid. Follow the signs to the bright heart. Used in Jewel of the Commonwealth

  2. You're looking for a man. He can help you, but he ain't gonna be the man you expect. He's somewhere... deep... and dark. Surrounded by folks with nothin' but cruel intentions. But there's... an echo... Something in the past that can help you. When you meet the fat man, and the angry woman, tell them to "remember the Quarry and Lilly June on the rocks", and they'll let you and your friend pass. Used in Unlikely Valentine

  3. You're on the trail of the man who took your boy. I see a house. Locked up tight. Chains put on by a smiling shark. But there's another way. I can see it. A key. Lost and forgotten. Fallen down below. Search the chairs beneath the house. They hold the secret. Used in Getting a Clue

  4. You walk into a house. The man who owns it has secrets. But he's no fool. He hides everything in a closet with no doors. But I see him, kid. He's sitting down. Brought out the red toolbox and the coffee. Then he reaches beneath where he's working, and the closet opens. Used in Getting a Clue

  5. I can only see that you're on the right path. If you had any doubts in your mind, you shouldn't. The man you're after. He's the one. He wears all the pain he's caused like a shield. Be strong, kid. The Sight's getting... foggy... but your energy is glowing brighter than you know. You can win this. He can't hurt you anymore. Used in Reunions

  6. You're walking into a sea, but it's not water you're afraid of drownin' in. It's something... invisible... but... radiant... It burns everything in it, but... no... I can feel them. There's people. Calling out to something. Chanting. They can show you the way... but... they're so hard to read... Be careful around them, kid. Used in The Glowing Sea

  7. I see you... the mighty hunter... only what you're hunting ain't an animal, or a man. It's something different. Maybe something more than human. But... what's this? I see a man in a white outfit. Standing over your prey. And he says something... it's hard to make out... But I'm tryin' kid... He says "Z2-47, initialize factory reset. Authorization code Zeta-5-3-Kilo"... Then he falls... And he's still... Used in Hunter/Hunted

  8. I see you surrounded by outstretched hands. Everyone needs your help, kid. Everyone wants you to see things their way... And whether you want it or not... You're gonna have to decide which ways of life keep going in the Commonwealth... and which end... Used after Hunter/Hunted, before the Sole Survivor chooses a faction to side with.

  9. You're wearing a lab coat. You're standing with... men of science. Visionaries. Brilliant but misunderstood. I see a land marked up, like a great experiment. Each test a new beginning. Each sacrifice an acceptable loss. You will not be loved, but you will save humanity. However you choose to define it. Refers to The Institute

  10. You're standing with... the people. Working together. United. I see a land filled with hope again. Fear falls away as the brave step forward to join the ranks. You're a hero. A symbol for a better world. Our world. Refers to the Commonwealth Minutemen

  11. You're wearing a suit of steel and energy. You're standing with... your brothers. Your mission. Accomplished. I see a land secured, contained. Dangerous objects taken from those who don't understand. Those who can't be trusted. You are the uniform, and you wear it well. And your rank and chain of command protect you better than the thickest armor. Refers to the Brotherhood of Steel.

  12. You're wearing a mask. You're standing with... outcasts. The underdogs. The lanterns in the dark. I see a world that will never know your sacrifice. You have led the enslaved to freedom, but they must still hide from those who don't understand. But you'll be there for them. You'll see their humanity when no one else will. You'll be their guardian in the shadows. Refers to The Railroad.

  • Thanks! I didn't find that page at nukapedia, only the Mama Murphy page ... should've looked harder.
    – boomstick
    Jan 14, 2016 at 14:26
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    So, what did he say? Pointing at a link doesn't answer the question.
    – Frank
    Jan 14, 2016 at 14:57
  • @Frank this is true, however there are 12 possibilities, leading to a rather lengthy answer. However you are correct, I shall place it in the body in case of link rot
    – nickson104
    Jan 14, 2016 at 15:25
  • Number 7 was the last I heard before spoiler she died.
    – Bounce
    Feb 16, 2016 at 10:40

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