In season 3, I played Maokai as a support, and found that this was not a bad idea.
Generally it only works well when the enemy ADC was a "poke" type (e.g. Ezreal or Corki). Maokai's passive gives him a lot of sustain, he has some poke, a slow, damage reduction, and a snare.

But is there any reason not to play him as support now? Players criticize me for picking a "troll" pick although I see great potential in him. What makes him different from other supports?

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    You seem to have outlined exactly the reasons someone might want to play this role. If you're asking whether it's viable in the current meta, that's a very different question--and one for which answers will mostly be opinion-based.
    – gwj17
    Jan 15, 2016 at 20:29
  • So is there any reason to people call me troll when I try to play it? I believe that mao can be a good choice but this might be only my opinion that is why I ask this question I am not a professional player so it will be nice to hear opinion someone more experienced
    – Aht
    Jan 15, 2016 at 20:45
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    @Aht I tried editting your question to what it sounds like you're trying to say. Let me know if thats not what you wanted :) Jan 15, 2016 at 21:01
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    @hammythepig that Is exactly what I want to ask. Thanks for that edit my English is not the best and fact that I write from mobile make it even more complicate :)
    – Aht
    Jan 15, 2016 at 21:08
  • because you can't do the job of a support with maokai, if you want to do this I suggest finding a friend to go ADC so that they can adopt a play style that would better suit a maokai support. "troll" support picks work fantastic if you can synergize with the adc, 99.999% of the time it means you'll need to play bot with a friend
    – Aequitas
    Jan 16, 2016 at 1:37

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There is nothing inherently wrong with Maokai support. He has a number of very useful skills as a support, but there may be situations in which another support may be better. For instance depending on the adc, another support may synergize better, for instance Kalista and Tahm Kench synergize very well together. Another reason could be that the another champion may fit the team composition better, such as Janna if you need good disengage. So really it just comes down to whether or not you can play him well, and if it fits well with your team. The reason people are calling you a troll is most likely due to the fact that many people feel that whenever someone plays an off-meta pick, they think they are trolling, even if it can work perfectly fine.


According to the current meta, the support role is someone who can peel for his team while still being impactfull on the enemy team.

Commonly played Supports on LCS:

Allistar : Why? Huge CC kit, can easily act has an engage or disengage and can also act has a huge Frontline for your team while simultaneously peeling

Morgana : Completely negates Pick comps, can allow your team to perform a pick, due to her Ult you can stop the enemy frontline from diving your backline

Braum : Same as Allistar pretty much but provides a Wall that blocks pretty much everything thrown at it, used properly can turn around a teamfight

Where does Maokai fit in all of this? Yes he has a good kit with sustain and Poke, but he falls of pretty quick if you don't itemise tank items, and in a teamfight he won't be diving the enemy backline probably, not that it's a bad pick, just not viable, if you get paired vs 2 ranged you won't do much cuz you can't freely engage or go for trades, while it might be a solid pick since it can provide the required by meta engage/disengage , there are more solid picks for support that better complemente this, for instance if you pair the Maokai vs Ez and Morg he is gonna be useless in the laning phase since the morgana shield will deny him of any engage opportunity and Ez can just E away


It's all about the meta

Maokai isn't a popular support hero, and not played much at all

so when you do pick him it seems like a troll pick

In my honest opinion - if YOU play Maokai well and YOU think he does well as a support - DO IT, ignore people in chat and prove them wrong!

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