I accidentally pushed a button and now I can't see the little description that displays at the top of the screen when you look at a block.

What should I do? Because I really would like to know what can be harvested with what tool.


The description you are talking about is from the WAILA ("What Am I Looking At?") mod.

The mod page states that the mod comes with two keybindings, one for options and one for show/hide:

There are 2 keybindings you want to check. [Waila] Config menu will allow you to setup which key pop up the menu (default to numpad0) while [Waila] Show/Hide will control (default numpad1) show/hide of the tooltip (will also be used for the maintened mode).

Try pressing Num 1 on your keyboard. If you have a notebook, you might not have a physical Numpad. In this case, Num 1 is typically something like Fn+J.

If Num 1 does not work (modpacks may change default keybindings to avoid conflicts), check the keybindings in the settings. There should be one for "Show/Hide" under WAILA.

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