I remember that I once found on a planet, deep below, very near the final lava level, a small Crystal cave. It was a very beautiful place to play around.

In the actual version, is this minibiome still available? If it is, in which kind of planet can I find it?

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    The wikia is a bit outdated which makes me afraid the info is incorrect, and I couldn't find any crystal yet, so, I will check a few more Lava planets, if I find so I'll accept it :) – DH. Jan 21 '16 at 14:39

Is Crystal biome still available?


There is no reference of the Crystal Biome in the changelog to begin with so it should be there.

If it is, in which kind of planet can I find it?

According to the Starbound Wikia:

The Crystal Biome occurs on the surface of magma planets and minibiomes.

So be sure to check there.

So, as it turns out the Wikia is a bit outdated. The correct answer would be:

The Crystal Biome occurs on the surface of volcanic terrain planets and minibiomes.

according to @DarkHyudrA's input.

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    OK so I checked it. It's actually "volcanic terrain planets", and not magma ones. Even if they have almost no terrain, I went to a big magma planet, walked to one direction until I came back to spawn position, and I didn't found a single crystal. While on a small "volcanic terrain", I found a quite good amount of it. Please update your answer so it can reflect the actual info. – DH. Jan 22 '16 at 1:22

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