I'm playing a Civ 5 game on a huge map. There are 24 city states and 8 other civs. I conquered 2 of them to obtain their luxuries, and 9 of the remaining city states have entered "permanent war".

I'm pretty sure a "permanent war" city state will always vote against me, so those are out. I have 3 questions about a diplomatic victory from this position:

1 - If I eliminate "permanent war" city states, will other city states join "permanent war"?

2 - If I conquer "permanent war" city states, and then they are liberated, will they still be on "permanent war"?

3 - How many votes are needed on the largest map size? I'm pretty sure my teammate and I can bribe all of the other city states and get their votes.

  • Great question! How did you end up in permanent war, and how many city states declared it? The only time that happened to me, every city state declared PM on me. Commented Jan 21, 2016 at 4:31

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No, it's not impossible.

Every world leader election, the highest-voted civs get additional delegates. Thus, if you can stay at the top, and nobody achieves a different victory condition, you will eventually have enough votes to win.

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