In Mass Effect 3's multiplayer, you can equipment bonuses for your character in the equipment screen:

enter image description here

My question is, if I equip two bonuses that effect the same stat, will they both stack with each other, or will I only get the benefit of whichever one provides the greater effect?

For example, in my above screenshot, I have

  1. Power Efficiency II in my armor slot, which increases my power recharge rate by 20%.
  2. Structural Ergonomics I in my gear slot, which increases my power recharge rate by 5%.

With both of these equipped, will my power recharge rate now be 20% + 5% = 25% faster, or will only the 20% increase from Power Efficiency II apply?

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    I haven't played this in quite a while, but I recall them stacking. Hopefully someone has some evidence for you.
    – DCShannon
    Jan 21 '16 at 2:31

Sure, they stack. If for example you got a Human Adept with 1 point assigned to Singularity and nothing else, with no weapons, gear or modules equipped, you get a recharge time of

Recharge Speed: 2.67s = 8(base value) / (1 + 2)

Where 2 =

  • +2 Weight Cooldown Bonus

On the other hand, if you equip the gear and module you listed you get a recharge time of

Recharge Speed: 2.46s = 8(base value) / (1 + 2.25)

Where 2.25 =

  • +0.2 Power Efficiency Module II
  • +0.05 Structural Ergonomics I
  • +2 Weight Cooldown Bonus

You can obtain all those numbers with a calculator, my favorite one is Narida's which is where i took these values.


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