I was doing the cargobob mission with travor. I went to the cargobob and pressed the W key to lift up the chopper. The problem is that I dont really know how to control it. I seem to be able to turn by pressing the A and D keys but I cant move the cargobob forward. The help menu did not display the controls, as i flew in the cargobob before. My question would be, is there a way for me to find the controls to the cargobob?

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I must disclaim that i havent played gta5 enough to know first hand how to fly the cargobob. All information i'll provide will be information i found on the internet and on gaming.stackexchange.

Any player in gta5 should be able to review the controls at any time by going to the menu -> options -> controls. If you cant find the controls in game there is a handy spread sheet online HERE that shows the default controls. (so as long as you havent changed your controls you should be fine).

It looks like you should be able to control the cargobob like a plane. So your controls would be (on the numpad): Controls

Now as @Adam_Sroka mention HERE it does take some skill to land the hook and actually hatch onto cars.

I have done done this several times. It takes a bit of luck but the general technique I employ involves trying to swing the hook into the car. I have also managed to pick up cars that were not mine from the impound also, although whether or not they were another players or NPC cars I do not know.

I hope this information provides enough grounds for you to find your controls. I cant tell you your specific controls since you may have changed them, if not the spreadsheet should provide enough information.

  • Those should be Numpad4-6-8-5, not 4-6-8-5.
    – ave
    Jan 21, 2016 at 9:40

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