The description for the Fortification ability is the following:

Reinforce armor using protective Foucault currents. Purge the current and send its charge to your gauntlets for increased melee damage.

Slow down power use.

So deactivating (or "purging") Fortification gives you a melee damage bonus for certain duration.

My question is, if I immediately reactivate Fortification again to gain back the defensive bonus, do I then cancel the melee damage bonus that I just triggered?

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According to this thread on BioWare's forums, reactivating Fortification will not cancel the melee damage bonus, so you could immediately reactivate the ability to gain both bonuses:

The cooldown is 4 seconds. So here's the scenario. You deactivate Foritfication, wait the 4 seconds for cooldown and then reactivate, do you still have 16 seconds of 100% melee bonus damage and also get the benefits of shield regeneration and DR?

Yes, thats how it works. Toggle it back and forth to have both the damage buff and the shield.

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