After not playing for a while I re-launched KSP and went back to refresh my skills with the training missions - however I only have the more advanced missions available - how do I reset or re-acquire the missing ones?

For example, I can only see:

  • Science
  • To the Mun Part 1
  • To the Mun Part 2
  • Docking
  • Asteroid Redirect Mission, Part 1
  • Asteroid Redirect Mission, Part 1

I'm missing the intro Flight and Orbit options for example?

I'm running this from Steam and have tried verifying the game cache, but that reported everything was ok.

Looking in the saves\training folder I can see the .sfs files for the missing tutorials, along with some similarly named directories.

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It turns out there are some issues with tutorial saves across versions - deleting the folders in my saves\training folder for the tutorials caused them to show up in game again - I didn't even need to restart KSP for them to re-appear.

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