Since a major update a few days ago, Cat Physics (and other Donut Games games like Cave Bowling) supported Game Center features and achievements. When I look at my Game Center account now, I can see I've earned 11 out of 12 achievements, but if I take a look at the list, there are only 11 achievements listed (and I've gotten all of them) - nothing I haven't earned and nothing that is in progress. The achievements I've earned:

  • 2500 points
  • 15000 points
  • 50000 points
  • Completed 10
  • Completed 40
  • Completed 90
  • Three-starred 10
  • Three-starred 50
  • Fifty Buttons
  • Fifty slingshots
  • Fifty teleporters

What's the missing achievement and why isn't it listed in Game Center?

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It doesn't exist. They're saving it for the next update.


Congrats on all those achievements though.


to update this with a definite answer: with the last update to Cat Physics, 10 new challenges and the 12th achievement were introduced.

One can get that achievement for getting 3 stars in 100 challenges (which means 3 stars in all challenges as there are only 100).

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