Since a major update a few days ago, Cat Physics (and other Donut Games games like Cave Bowling) supported Game Center features and achievements. When I look at my Game Center account now, I can see I've earned 11 out of 12 achievements, but if I take a look at the list, there are only 11 achievements listed (and I've gotten all of them) - nothing I haven't earned and nothing that is in progress. The achievements I've earned:

  • 2500 points
  • 15000 points
  • 50000 points
  • Completed 10
  • Completed 40
  • Completed 90
  • Three-starred 10
  • Three-starred 50
  • Fifty Buttons
  • Fifty slingshots
  • Fifty teleporters

What's the missing achievement and why isn't it listed in Game Center?


It doesn't exist. They're saving it for the next update.


Congrats on all those achievements though.


to update this with a definite answer: with the last update to Cat Physics, 10 new challenges and the 12th achievement were introduced.

One can get that achievement for getting 3 stars in 100 challenges (which means 3 stars in all challenges as there are only 100).

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