I got a Wii U, and it's awesome. I like the features. There is only one thing that disappoints me; that I can't find how to take pictures of myself or other people with the camera. It seems that I can't take pictures of myself and other people like in the 3DS. I can only take pictures of my face for the Mii. On the 3DS you can take and save them, but I don't know if you can on the Wii U. If you can then I don't know how to. Can you take pictures on the Wii U for other reasons than the Mii?

  • I've found almost zero use for the camera after having owned a Wii U since this past summer. Commented Jan 26, 2016 at 17:18

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Looking at a couple of threads on other forums asking similar questions, it looks like this is not possible - only the ability to take screenshots in game.

NintendoLife - Does the wii u have the capabilities to take pictures/photoshop?

GameFAQs - How to take pictures?

IGN - Can the Wii U's camera actually take photos? And if so, how?


It is possible to save them, but it is for certain games that support it (like M&S @ Sochi and Wii Fit U). But beyond that? No. Because the Wii U is a home console, and not a handheld, it would have no use no matter what.

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