So I was running around some places, and I had done lots and lots of things without saving.
And then I noticed Frea was gone missing.
She's carrying a lot of my stuff and I don't know her ref ID.
How can i get her back?

I have all the DLC's.

  • ref id - 017A0D
    – Dragonrage
    Jan 27 '16 at 17:46

Step 1: getting a NPC's Ref Id (credits to TormentedSouL)

  • Open the console window
  • Type save funclist 1 , this will open a txt file with a lot of data.
  • Use Ctrl+f to Search for the npc by name. (This case, Frea)
  • You should find 2 references for the name, one with the Base ID and one with the Ref ID. (base ID is the same ID that you get when you do help "<npc name>")
  • The IDs are the number/letter combination in the left column of the file. (they can be numbers only)

enter image description here

Step 2: Retrieve NPC

  • Open the console window.
  • Type player.moveto <ref ID> to teleport yourself to the NPC.
  • OR type prid <ref ID> and hit Enter, then moveto player and hit Enter; To bring the NPC to you.

If the NPC is dead, resurrect them after locating the corpse. Click their body and open the console window to type in resurrect

Warning: this will reset their inventory and you will have lost the items.

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