How do I use commands in slime rancher? Please explain how to spawn a rad slime.

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As described by a user that is now deleted on reddit

First of all back up your Assembly-Csharp.dll, if anything goes wrong you can just restore that file and try again or play the game as normal :)

  • open the assembly in a modification tool (i used dotnetresolver)
  • find the "{}" section and expand it
  • find the "debugDirector" section and expand that too
  • click on the "Update(): Void" item inside there
  • heres where it gets tricky, in the MSIL editor tab to the right nop the lines that correspond to the "if(debug.isDebugBuild)" I don't have those lines in my file anymore so I can't tell you what it looks like in MSIL without re-downloading the game

(to nop a line highlight it inside the MSIL editor, right click and select "Nop Instruction(s)", my lines are already nop'd but this screenshot should get across the general idea

If all went correctly the MSIL editor should look something like this with the "System.Single UnityEngine.Time::get_timeScale()" being the first untouched line

For anyone curious what this is doing its actually removing the condition that these keybinds are only active during the debug edition of the game, after making these modifications the debug keybinds will be active in any version of the game

If you made it this far all you have to do is save the file and open the game, the keybinds are listed inside the code but i'll list them here just incase you have trouble reading them.

  • [ = decrement time of day

  • ] = increment time of day

  • + = Add 1000 Credits

  • - = Remove 1000 Credits

  • F6 = Toggle HUD

  • F12 = Reset Achievement Progress

(The numbers below refer to the keys above the letters on the keyboard, I don't think the numpad keys will work)

  • 0 = Award all personal upgrades (jetpack, energy etc)
  • 7 = Force Save
  • 9 = Fill Vacpack with random items/ammo (this is how i got the green slimes)

I will sit down and follow these instructions myself in a few days and try and simplify this content.

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