I have the Dragonborn dlc and the Bend Will shout. When I use it on dragons, they will land for me and I can ride them. But it seems that the only thing I can do with them is attack other creatures. How do I get the dragon to fly to a location without quick travelling? Or is this impossible?

  • You fast travel. "How do I get the dragon to fly to a location without quick travelling?" - You don't. Note that fast travel on a dragon is nearly instantaneous (very little game time passes). – Kevin Jan 30 '16 at 19:27

As @Kevin has pointed out in the comments and the Wiki points out, it's not possible to actually specify a location for the dragon to travel to. In this sense: the dragon is not a mount. You are able to fast travel on the dragon (but you cannot travel between Skyrim and Solstheim) as you would normally.


I fast travel with my newly obtained dragon after using bend-will on him. If I don't feel like battling him alone I go to smaller towns (via fast travel) dismount ( pushing X ). He will then try attacking after a moment but you now have back up.

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