I tried to put the wolves in pastures but that didn't work. I tried butchering animals to provide meat for them and still it didn't work.

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    Are you sure they need to eat? AFAIK only animals with the [GRAZER] tag or able to speak need to eat. Feb 3, 2016 at 1:24

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I'd have to agree with @Pierre-Luc.
After doing some easy googling for you, I looked at the raw-files for Wolf, Eagle and Bear, and they all lack the [STANDARD_GRAZER] token. The wiki page about Black bears even states specifically: Bears in general lack the [GRAZER] tag which means they don't require pastures. This makes them an ideal component of a meat industry.

Did these animals die from wounds, or perhaps some other reason?


Animals stored in cages, as long as they are "non-grazing" (for example wolves), can stay alive without being fed. See:


for details on caged creatures.

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