I've recently played through all story battles in Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 a second time in order to unlock titles number 67 and 76 (as per this FAQ, see "Which name Shall I Use?").

While doing so, I've managed to get an S rating in all battles except for the very last one, where you fight an awakened Killer Bee. Since the AI is pretty brutal by this point and you are at a severe disadvantage, I haven't managed to get more than a B.

So is there any point to getting S on all story battles other than feeling good about yourself?

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I finally managed to get an S rank on that final battle, and the answer to my question is no, getting an S rank on all battles doesn't serve any actual purpose.

I managed that final battle based on the advice found over here, specifically:

Kinda easy, dodge side to side while he's attacking, when he's done, spam chidori.

If you're really stuck with low health, go awakening mode, spam triangle, circle and it will insta-cast amaterasu lowering his health by 1/4 of a bar each time.

Don't worry about low health, finishing in awakening mode is an additional objective which you need to do anyway to get the Viper Fang, and you SHOULD get an S rank.

However, like many things on the internet, when someone makes something seem simple it is often not the case. What I did do is use the iron-kettle bento (which prevents your guard from being broken) and then I just blocked until I had an opening, hit him with chidori, rinsed and repeated. The only thing to look out for is Killer Bee's overhead smash attack that simply ignores your guard.

  • Well, I would've thought there might've been something special waiting for me at the end...
    – Jont
    Nov 24, 2013 at 3:45

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