I just got a seemingly-random 8.0 MB patch for Portal 2. The Portal 2 News page has nothing on it, nor does the portal wiki. All I found online was a reddit page asking the same question with no answers. The reddit users seem to think it may be a VR patch, but I don't have any VR options in my menu after the update.

Is there any information about what was added/changed with the patch?

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    It is common place to install a large patch containing a future update. If it is VR they would just change a variable to show them when they are ready. – Terry Feb 2 '16 at 9:38

There is a huge thread on steamcommunity.com about an update from several months ago causing Portal 2 to have terrible performance on Macs. According to two users, this update fixes that issue.

This is most anyone currently knows, there hasn't been any official word or reverse-engineering from the community yet.

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